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MM Publications – KEEP LEARNING webinars – April 2021

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Keep Learning Webinars – April 2021

  • Monday, 12th April – Register and choose time here.

MM Conversations: What’s on your mind? – Presented by Nadia Theochari, Gregg Sotiropoulos, Chris Vasileiou
MM Publications want to talk about issues that matter to you, our fellow teachers. Send us the questions, thoughts, or topics that you would like to discuss with us in this form: During this interactive webinar, we will be sharing opinions with educators from around the world.

  • Monday, 19th April – Register and choose time here.

Work ethic: Preparing our Future Global Agents of Change to compete in today’s ever-changing world – Presented by Greg Sotiropoulos
As a father of two remarkable children and an educationalist for over 20 years, I have experienced just how important the concept of “work ethic” is for our students. We will examine this concept by looking further into how we can prepare and advocate work ethic as a creative, meaningful, self-fulfilling and productive competence. It starts at home, continues through school and thus helps children understand their position in the family, in their homes, in their community and in the world.

  • Monday, 26th April – Register and choose time here.

Now I can… Guiding students to take charge of their learning – Presented by Chris Vasileiou
Autonomous learners are able to take responsibility for their learning, evaluate their strengths, detect their weaknesses and monitor their progress. Let’s have a look at how we can promote autonomy with classroom activities and capitalise on a quite often overlooked section in our coursebooks.

  • Monday, 05th May – Register and choose time here.

Tips and techniques to help improve our students’ memory – Presented by Nadia Theochari
Remembering is the most basic level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Yet everyone, students and teachers included, spends most of their time trying to remember things. In this webinar, we will explore ideas and procedures on how to study and make best use of our time available, in order to memorize new information effectively.

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