MM Publications Webinars

MM Webinars – October 2021

MM Publications Webinars
MM Publications Webinars – October 2021

Let’s pause and reflect!

Monday – Oct 4, 2021
Time – from 11:00 AM EET and 8:00 PM EEST

What have you learnt so far through our MM Webinars and what should you expect for the rest of 2021?

Join Nadia Theochari, Gregg Sotiropoulos, and Chris Vasileiou in a reflective MM Conversation that will highlight key takeaways from our guest speakers and how those can be implemented in the ELT classroom. Come prepared with questions!

Maintaining students’ attention!

Monday, Oct 11, 2021
Time – 10:00 – 11:00 AM EEST

Attention allows students to focus on things they think are important. At the same time, however, it decreases their awareness of other stimuli, and it is something they may have little control over.

Join Barry Thompson, an editor and teacher trainer of MM Publications, and together you will look at how recent cognitive science and neuroscience research into attention can inform our student engagement strategies, helping us gain and keep their attention when it matters most!

Time is precious. Teachable moments are priceless

Monday, Oct 18, 2021
Time – from 11:00 AM EET and 7:00 PM EEST

A teachable moment is a chance for us to offer special insights on a topic that has captured the attention of our students. Teachable moments are easier for children to digest and remember, because they are inherently more interested in the topic at hand and can feel its applications to the world around them. However, these moments are usually unplanned and must be recognised and capitalised on at the drop of a hat! So… what are you waiting for? Time is precious, and you need to begin practising how to seize these teachable moments.

Join Gregg Sotiropoulos, ELT consultant for MM Publications, who will help you understand what your students are talking about and interested in, so that you can make that immediate connection into a teachable moment.

The true value of the Companion Volume; the latest update to the CEFR

Mon, Oct 25, 2021
Time – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EEST

What is the main benefit that we get from understanding the CEFR?
This question can be answered from the perspective of various disciplines, such as linguistics, history of language teaching, or even politics. Yet, after twenty years of its publication, we can still find teachers for whom a veil of mystery wraps around the CEFR. Many are unaware of its implications for syllabus development and classroom applicability. This unfamiliarity may become a matter of concern, if we assume that people tend to search for ready-made solutions that explain reality in absolute ways. However, teaching and learning are two incredibly complex processes that surpass any absolute explanation.
Education is the most fundamental instrument for the transformation of society, and for this to happen, teachers must understand one truth. Teachers transform their practice and techniques, not by visiting websites or using apps, but by examining their procedures and asking themselves the right questions.
The CEFR and its Companion Volume provide a framework through which that exploration of self may occur.

Presented by: Roger Espadas – Academic Consultant, MM Publications, Mexico

Certificates of attendance will be provided for free.

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