Move your office to Cărturești!

Get work done and stay inspired with Cărturești and HotSpot Workhub!

Your workspace, reimagined

You can now mix home relaxation and office efficiency in a new way of working: surrounded by books and objects that inspire you.

Join us in our living room, Cărturești Verso: on the first floor of Agora Floreasca, Calea Floreasca 111-113, in a creative shopping studio awarded for interior design at the Bucharest Architecture Annual.

Together with HotSpot Workhub we have created a playground for your ideas, which combines the atmosphere in Cărturești with all the facilities of a coworking space. You have access to a printer, high-speed WiFi and delicious coffee to accompany your curiosity every day.

Refresh for more inspiration

At Cărturești Verso you will find carefully curated books for quiet browsing, design objects and smart gadgets that will ignite those bright ideas you are looking for. No more boring brainstormings! No more crowded offices! 

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Flexibility is the new 9 to 5

Whether you are part of a creative team or an entrepreneur at the beginning of your career, give yourself the freedom to work at your own pace, in a space that speaks your language: curiosity, exploration, transformation!

The best ideas come when you’re ready for them, so we’ve imagined the context for serendipity, new connections, or broader horizons. At Cărturești Verso we have created a world that cultivates your curiosity.

Choose the best option for you:

hour pass |   20 lei
day pass |   100 lei
10 day pass | 400 lei  
meeting room | 100 lei/hour

Any questions? Let us know:

verso@carturesti.net | +40 0732 550 973

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