Online Jolly Phonics Sessions FREE – May, June, July 2021

So much more than just letters and sounds!

Get Started with Jolly Phonics – 25th May / 22nd June /13th July 2021
Extending Jolly Phonics through KS1 – 27th May / 24th June / 15th July 2021

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Is your school looking for a new phonics programme? Then the Jolly Phonics programme could be perfect for you!

Jolly Phonics is a fun and affordable phonics programme that’s easy to implement in the classroom and can grow with your children as they progress through their school years. With an outstanding record of achievement supported by independent research, Jolly Phonics is a proven success that is enjoyed by both teachers and pupils worldwide!

In these two FREE online sessions, our Jolly Phonics co-authors, Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham, will guide you through the programme and show you how you can apply it successfully in your classroom.

Get Started with Jolly Phonics hosted by Sue Lloyd

For teachers new to Jolly Phonics or those who want to learn more, explore the principles behind the programme and how this multi-sensory approach enables children to get reading and writing from an early age.
Please choose from the available dates: Tuesday 25th May , Tuesday 22nd June, Tuesday 13th July

Extending Jolly Phonics through KS1 hosted by Sara Wernham

Discover how the programme progresses through KS1 and beyond. Find out how you can build on children’s early phonics skills and embed essential grammar, punctuation and spelling concepts.
Please choose from the available dates: Thursday 27th May, Thursday 24th June, Thursday 15th July

*All sessions are from 3.30pm to 5pm GMT and will be conducted via Zoom.*
*Please note each of these three sessions will be the same.*
*Each attendee must register.*

Sue Lloyd taught for over 20 years in Woods Loke Primary School (Suffolk). Within her school, she began to use phonic methods, and developed and improved them from research, advice and the practical experience she and her colleagues gained. She has been the author of many phonics books and resources in the Jolly Phonics programme, and is viewed as an expert in her field. She travels the world giving synthetic phonics training and advising literacy policy. 

Sara Wernham is a primary/elementary school teacher at Woods Loke Primary School in Lowestoft, England.

You can purchase Jolly Phonics course materials HERE.

Jolly Learning is an independent British publisher and is owned by Christopher Jolly. Although Chris chose the name of the company, the name Jolly Phonics was the choice of the authors!

This short video shows how Tricky Words in Jolly Phonics can be taught to children.

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