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      The Wall 2011 Remastered Vinyl
      The Wall 2011 Remastered Vinyl

      The Wall 2011 Remastered Vinyl

      8.4 / 10 ( 39 voturi)
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      The Wall is less a collection of songs than a single work, which is sometimes frustrating; the plot lacks enough coherence to hold the snippets of music together. However, there are occasional flashes of brilliance on what arguably ranks as Pink Floyd's most ambitious project. Most of these come from the fully developed songs, which have become classics in their own right; "Hey You," "Mother," and especially "Comfortably Numb" are subtly incredible pieces of music. Though complex, they move at a relaxed pace, allowing the listener to absorb them slowly; this kind of pacing was something Pink Floyd excelled at. Also worth noting is the "Another Brick in the Wall/The Happiest Days of Our Lives" medley, which has become a staple of rock radio. --Genevieve Williams

      Listă piese:
      Vinyl 1:
      Side A:
      1. In The Flesh?
      2. The Thin Ice
      3. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1
      4. The Happiest Days In Our Lives
      5. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2
      6. Mother

      Side B:
      1. Goodbye Blue Sky
      2. Empty Spaces
      3. Young Lust
      4. One Of My Turns
      5. Don't Leave Me Now
      6. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 3
      7. Goodbye Cruel World

      Vinyl 2:
      Side A:
      1. Hey You
      2. Is There Anybody Out There?
      3. Nobody Home
      4. Vera
      5. Bring The Boys Back Home
      6. Comfortably Numb

      Side B:
      1. The Show Must Go On
      2. In The Flesh
      3. Run Like Hell
      4. Waiting For The Worms
      5. Stop
      6. The Trial
      7. Outside The Wall
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